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Marie-Michèle BERTIN-CARON

Art Photography & Painting

Marie-Michèle Bertin-Caron, a French photographer and painter, was born in the area of the Loire castles and presently lives in Italy.

Marie-Michèle started her training in photography in Tours from 1964 to 1966 while developing a passion for dance and piano. Then she went to live in Paris where she followed classes in ceramics, sculpture and painting witch in the end became her main way of expression.

In the 1980’s, while visiting regularly Venice and Palladian’s Villas, she fall under the charm of these decors and trompe-l’oeil. Then, for large villas in French Riviera, she has realized trompe-l’oeil inspired by the Commedia dell’ Arte.

Her continuous researches have led her to experiment antique methods of expression, such as graffittos, decorative stuccos, murals friezes as well as paintings on canvas, wood or stucco with oil, pastel or tempera ending in rough art using recovered materials.
Since 2000 her works are informal paintings on old jute sacks - ARAZZI series - and on old tarp - TELONI series -.

Since 2006 along with her work in painting, she returned to photography for personal research that she almost does exclusively now obtaining international awards for her portfolios.

She also works on a collection titled IMAGO ANIMAE, based on her photography of anthropomorphic masks. The “CANTI” of the Sicilian poet Cesare Zarbo, inspired by those images of the soul, accompany these pictures collection (not yet published).

Since 1969, in Paris, she has presented decorations, paintings and photographs in solo and in collective exhibitions in France and Italy.
Marie-Michele’s last exhibitions took place in Italy: Rome in June 2015 and in Cittá Sant’Angelo in May 2016.

Her painting works are in private collections in France, Italy, Japan and USA.
Her photographic works are present both in private collections and in museums in France and Italy